Jan. 25th, 2020 11:17 pm
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Some entries may be offensive and show a glaringly ignorant point of view. But, I ask that you hold your indignation and read on before storming off in a huff or writing a scathing comment. If, after you have read this disclaimer and the entry and still feel the need to make a scathing comment then please scath away, it is your right, and may be helpful in changing my ignorance and opinion.
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Tea Party

Jan. 8th, 2014 08:58 am
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I know many of my DW friends are tea drinkers so I figured this would be the place to get an informed opinion. Several of the folks I work with drink tea and we have sampled tea from many purveyors of fine teas. We have a clear favorite but we also realize that others may have something to offer that we just haven't hit on yet. After all it is difficult to sample all teas from all sellers so the chances of missing something special are pretty high.

What's your favorite cuppa? )
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After commenting elsewhere about how I have so many books I need to read I have to admit that I have not exactly been making an effort to do so. Instead I have gotten back into reading comics. I know, I know, not high literature but good stories and some great artwork. The rest of the story )
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Making the January return to work with no holiday time off in site bearable.

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Once again I have resolved to be more active here and once again I have no idea how to do that and be somewhat interesting/relevant/amusing. Well, that is without totally emulating the journals I find interesting/relevant/amusing. At this point though I think diving in will be a start and you all can make suggestions as I go along.

I'll start with a question...

Does anyone know where I can get a nice vintage bag, either leather or waxed/oiled canvas, to use as a day bag for my iPad, cable, notepad, and maybe a few other things for a reasonable price. I've seem a ton of cheap "made in China" replica bags but I'd like something with some character.
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Still reeling from the bullying of the bus monitor video and the apathetic response of a young (barely legal) man in our office. He basically shrugged and said it was no big deal. He said "That stuff goes on all the time and it's only a big deal because the press got ahold of it".

No! F'N NO!! It's WRONG when anybody does that to anyone else whether the press get ahold of it or not!!!! It is a big deal!!!!

He said it happened all the time when he was in school and when I asked him what he did about it he said nothing. Basically because it happened all the time and was no big deal! When I asked him if he thought it was wrong he just shrugged. How can you be so apathetic to another person's pain?

I was bullied when I was a kid and I know that a certain amount of that will always go on. I was fortunate that I had great parents that taught me not only how to deal with it but to stand up for others who were being bullied. I realize that not all parents are wise in that way but I don't think teaching your kids decency and respect for their fellow human is anything extraordinary.

I also know I am of a different generation and a bit old fashioned but I don't feel I am an exception to a rule. This goes straight to matter of human decency and I find it completely mind boggling that parents are not teaching their kids this kind of stuff.

Which brings me to the question of where are the parents of these kids? Not a peep from them in the press. If I'd have done that my parents would have been all over this. They would have made a very public statement and made sure I made not only a private apology, but a public one as well, and I probably would have been working for that woman for free into adulthood!

And then there is the child behaviorist who said that public embarrassment and punishment would be counterproductive. WHAT! It's that kind of bull-thinking that raises kids that would do this kind of thing! Then what does she suggest?!?!? Here , go sit in your comfortable air conditioned room with your cell phone, iPad, computer, TV, mini fridge, iPod, etc. etc, and think about what you've done. And the scary thing is, the kid would probably feel that this was an overreaction and that it is truly a punishment!

I'm not sorry to say that some kids need a good spanking on a regular basis. Spanking mind you, not beating, there is a difference and we have lost sight of that.

And how do you discipline a child when they fear nothing. You touch me and I'll call child service on you. Send me to my room, I'll tell them you lock me up and don't let me eat or use the bathroom. We have protected them to the point of creating monsters and I am not sure there is a way back, we may have reach a point of no return.

The world really is coming to an end. Or at least it should be when kids are treating people in that manner and see nothing at all wrong with that. It's appalling enough when adults do it but when our children see nothing wrong with it the end is nigh!

So much more I could say but I'll step off my soap box for now.


Jun. 13th, 2011 09:07 pm
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Made grilled lamb chops for dinner tonight and they were absolutely fantastic. Not that I'm braggin' on my cooking, it was just a very simple recipe and had great flavor. garlic, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, cayenne pepper, sea salt and olive oil. Blend it to a paste, rub it on the chops, let it marinate for an hour in the fridge then grill. The recipe recommended taking the chops out and letting them get to room temp before grilling but I wasn't that patient.

Good news: Got a good review at work which lead to a bonus and a raise!

Bad news: Basement wall collapsed.

Good news: It's at the old house which we were going to tear down anyway.

Bad news: Looks like tearing it down is going to be far more expensive than I ever imagined. There goes that bonus and raise, for the next decade!

Good news: I have a job. Life is good!

Great lines in songs I never noticed before:

"I'm sprawled across the davenport of despair" - Warren Zevon, Disorder in the House, The Wind

"And if you tell anyone I'll slash the tires on your house" - Billy Bob Thornton, Purple Passion, Hobo
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As with many folks I have made New Years Resolutions and one of them is to get in here and post more often. I also made a resolution to not give up on resolutions just because I haven't accomplished them from day one of the new year. So here we go...

And unfortunately I start with a rant.

Sensitive folks may want to turn away now )
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Thanks to Corgigirl I think I now have things setup here, at least subscription and access - wise. So I am back to where I was at LJ, now let's see if I can move forward! Now I need to see what custom styles are out there and decide if I want to get a paid account and customize a little more. Although maybe I should focus on content before packaging. :D
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Into the stew. :|

As is always the case, since taking up residence here my schedule is no better than before. I am almost hoping for an early, winter filled with lots of snow so I can remained trapped at home and catch up on all things web.

I am still figuring out the lay of the land here and I apologize to anyone I have not granted the right privileges to yet. I'm not even sure there is a way to PM or email me here but a post here will do the job too.
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Well lots of learning and exploring ahead but so far this seems like a nice cozy place.
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Here is an amusing story that could help explain at least part of the astronomical rise in health care costs over the last decade or so.

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Jul. 5th, 2009 10:03 pm
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A drabble. Completed July 12, 2007

Title: Translation
Fandom: House MD
Characters or Pairing: Cuddy
Ratings/Genre/Warnings: G, Gen, Character death insinuated.
Summary: Every night she plays...
Disclaimer: As long as we're just having fun it's okay right. Right?! I don't own House MD and do not intend any infringement or disrespect to those who do.

Translation )


Jul. 5th, 2009 09:22 pm
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A drabble. Completed January 11. 2007.

Title: Mom
Fandom: House MD
Characters or Pairing: Young House and his mother.
Rating/Genre/Warnings: Anyone and everyone, Gen, and none.
Summary: A young House wishes he were somewhere else.
Disclaimer: As long as we're just having fun it's okay right. Right?! I don't own House MD and do not intend any infringement or disrespect to those who do.

Mom )
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After an extended test period I am finally writing my review of the Dell Mini 9. I hope to have that up sometime next week and will once again reveal my ignorance. But hopefully it will be helpful to others who are as simple as I am.

I also recently bought a Kindle 2. I have not started a review of that but may put down my thoughts on that as well.

Next, after losing my job last fall and having to figure out how the job market works these days (I haven't been unemployed in the entire 27 years I've been working) and being pushed into joining Twitter I got to thinking about the whole social networking thing. In the end I've come up with several more ideas for for other articles. If nothing else, I hope it sparks some laughs and maybe some thought. I am hoping these will follow in a short period of time as well.

I am also working on several fics and hope to get those finished and off to beta before the end of the month but no promises as writers block is often my companion. But, as I work on actually finishing another fic I thought I'd bring a few of my older finished works over here just to have them all in one place.

Thanks for stopping by.

New Toy

Feb. 27th, 2009 08:41 pm
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I know I've dropped off the planet since my last post. It was not my intention but RL took an interesting turn (more on that later). But today I wanted to pop in and do a test as well as show off my new baby. No, not a real baby, that's not the "interesting turn", but my new Dell Mini 9 netbook!

I know, you're thinking 'What's the big deal'? The big deal is I took the plunge and got it with Linux Ubuntu instead of Windows. Right now I am just checking my regularly visited sites, getting them bookmarked, and making sure I can see and use them in Firefox.

I know most sites are compatible these days but there are still some place out there where one can encounter problems. Luckily, right now, I am batting 1000! Everything has worked as before.

Well, it.s off to bed early and a cold, snowy weekend of experimentation. I'll be back in a few days with my RL story, my review of the Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu, and maybe, just maybe a short fic.
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Title: Brief Encounters
Fandom: House MD
Characters or Pairing: House/Cuddy
Rating: PG
Word Count:1450 on the nose!
Summary: "Just take the damn shirt off."
Notes: Written for the "Comes As You're Not" party '08. Tremendous thanks to our hostess with the mostess [livejournal.com profile] karaokegal and the always wonderful hl_lover for their last minute beta work, concrit, and encouragement! I would not be here if not for them. Thank you ladies!
Why it's a costume: So many reasons. First of all this is my first fic in ages and it usually takes me months to even get a usable rough draft. This was completed in two weeks. Next it is almost fluffy slash and I don't normally write that, I'm a non-shipping angst monger. And finally, it is short, the shortest I have ever written. This is deep cover folks even though you may not know it!

Now it's time to enter if you dare! )

New home

Nov. 5th, 2007 10:56 am
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Okay, so we didn't build. I said the hell with it and went looking for someone else's used and rejected home. A year. pardon me, much more than that if you consider all the time between the idea of burning down the old homestead and actually closing on the new place, has passed since I started the search for home answers.
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Wow, two days in a row! Probably the last time this will happen but when you get this kind of weight rolling downhill gravity just takes over!

So now I'm contemplating the structure of my little world here and how it related to the larger hive of LJ and the still bigger ecosystem that is the World Wide Web. Spiders indeed! )

By Request

Apr. 13th, 2006 07:50 am
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I'm still here somewhere! RL is a crazy thing you know?! And being the closet perfectionist that I am, I need to research every minute detail before I actually move forward with anything ( I've been planning on building a house now for three years!). After all, if my name is going to be on it, it has to be perfect! LOL! Wouldn't want people to think I'm uncivilized ;)!

Besides that, it goes right along with my procrastination streak. Kind of like the chicken and the egg thing, I'm not sure which came first (of my tendencies that is, the chicken was obviously first). Of course this is all in direct correlation to my "fear of failure" tendencies! If I never start it, I can't fail at it! Brilliant, I think I'll have a Guinness. What complex beings we humans are! So smart yet so dumb.

Anyhow, for those interested or looking for relief from insomnia, I started this place mainly because I wanted to joined some communities here at LJ and had no clue what to do with this, still don't really. I'm not even sure what this is other than a personal webpage/blog area. I'd appreciate a better explanation if you've got one.

Yeah, right now you're thinking "Who's this pathetic old fart?" or "Woohoo, fresh dumb meat to play with! Let's bookmark it and poke it regularly with a big pointy stick. Later we can use the sun and a magnifying glass and..."

But I have to believe, from my experiences elsewhere at LJ and across the web in general, that there are a ton of really great, helpful, kind people out there that will tolerate my beginners ignorance and kindly guide me in the ways of the web.

I am truly open to any real help or legitimate suggestions (go ahead and be goofy, just not stupid and sick).

And thanks runawayhouse for prodding me back into working on this!

Seeking a Sensei (WOW, does that sound like a line from a desperate personal ad or what?!)
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