Jun. 13th, 2011 09:07 pm
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Made grilled lamb chops for dinner tonight and they were absolutely fantastic. Not that I'm braggin' on my cooking, it was just a very simple recipe and had great flavor. garlic, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, cayenne pepper, sea salt and olive oil. Blend it to a paste, rub it on the chops, let it marinate for an hour in the fridge then grill. The recipe recommended taking the chops out and letting them get to room temp before grilling but I wasn't that patient.

Good news: Got a good review at work which lead to a bonus and a raise!

Bad news: Basement wall collapsed.

Good news: It's at the old house which we were going to tear down anyway.

Bad news: Looks like tearing it down is going to be far more expensive than I ever imagined. There goes that bonus and raise, for the next decade!

Good news: I have a job. Life is good!

Great lines in songs I never noticed before:

"I'm sprawled across the davenport of despair" - Warren Zevon, Disorder in the House, The Wind

"And if you tell anyone I'll slash the tires on your house" - Billy Bob Thornton, Purple Passion, Hobo

New Toy

Feb. 27th, 2009 08:41 pm
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I know I've dropped off the planet since my last post. It was not my intention but RL took an interesting turn (more on that later). But today I wanted to pop in and do a test as well as show off my new baby. No, not a real baby, that's not the "interesting turn", but my new Dell Mini 9 netbook!

I know, you're thinking 'What's the big deal'? The big deal is I took the plunge and got it with Linux Ubuntu instead of Windows. Right now I am just checking my regularly visited sites, getting them bookmarked, and making sure I can see and use them in Firefox.

I know most sites are compatible these days but there are still some place out there where one can encounter problems. Luckily, right now, I am batting 1000! Everything has worked as before.

Well, it.s off to bed early and a cold, snowy weekend of experimentation. I'll be back in a few days with my RL story, my review of the Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu, and maybe, just maybe a short fic.


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