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Jan. 8th, 2014 08:58 am
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I know many of my DW friends are tea drinkers so I figured this would be the place to get an informed opinion. Several of the folks I work with drink tea and we have sampled tea from many purveyors of fine teas. We have a clear favorite but we also realize that others may have something to offer that we just haven't hit on yet. After all it is difficult to sample all teas from all sellers so the chances of missing something special are pretty high.

Here's the list of sellers we have tried, and understand that we have sampled a few from each of the black, green, and flavored categories as well as some of the others (whites, herbal, specialty, etc.).

Harney and Sons, Adagio, Tealux, Tea Forte, and Teavana.

What company do you use? What teas would you recommend from them? Have you tried other companies and if so what is your opinion of their teas and service? Do you sugar, honey, or cream your tea and is that all the time or depends on the tea? Do you follow the temp and brew times or experiment with each new sample?

And to provide some of my own preferences and opinions...

I am a Harney and Sons fan. They seem to have the best flavor throughout their line and a large selection.

I adore the Indian Nimbu and both the Hot Cinnamon and the Green Hot Cinnamon. Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Paris, and Bangkok are all nice as well.

I will generally try a tea plain first but pretty much always put cream in my tea thereafter with few exceptions. It is usually plain cream/er but occasionally a french vanilla creamer is a nice compliment. Honey goes well with the Lemony Gunpowder, the taste is reminiscent of a Halls honey lemon cough drop without the menthol-ly taste.

Initially I follow the temp and brew time but will adjust if I feel it would benefit the flavor.

Also, does anyone have any tips on brewing white teas? I just don't get much flavor when hot. I know they are more delicate and subtle and I love them iced but I'm not feeling the love when hot. I brew them at the recommended lower temp and have tried at high temps but it all still just tasted like hot water for the most part.


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