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After commenting elsewhere about how I have so many books I need to read I have to admit that I have not exactly been making an effort to do so. Instead I have gotten back into reading comics. I know, I know, not high literature but good stories and some great artwork. A coworker has been telling me how wonderful his comics look on his iPad and I kept telling him he needs to track down a limited series named "Moonshadow" as the artwork by Jon J Muth was just fantastic (my avatar is from that series) and the story was pretty good as well. He recommended a series called "Fables" and provided me with some electronic copies to get started. Well I am hooked, again.

Interestingly this series has been purchased twice for development into a TV series. The first company that purchased it ended up dropping it but creating "Grimm". It was sold to another company that ended up dropping it but coming out with "Once Upon a Time". The actual comic is like a cross between the two but with so much more and frankly I think the writing is better in the comics. If you're interested take a look at the wiki page for Fables.

So here's the purpose of this post...

If you always thought comics were just superheros and their villains (and even some of these have great writing and artwork) dig a little deeper and you will find a story that pulls you in and/or artwork that is pretty impressive. Then just look to see what other series those writers and artists have worked on and before you know it you'll be hooked.

Not sure what you'd like? Don't have a local comic shop or are too embarrassed to go to one? Most can be bought online from the publisher but there are also several sites where you can download for free. I'm not promoting pirating, just a good way to sample and find what you like before you go spending your hard earned dollars. I don't see it as any different than standing in the comic book store reading through this comic or that to see if it interests you enough to buy it.

For iPads there are several independent apps for comics as well as the ones from the major publishers (DC, Marvel, Vertigo). I use Comic Zeal. I'm not sure if they have an app that works on pcs or macs but unless you're going to collect, the electronic versions are the way to go.

Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble sell graphic novels for their ereaders although the navigation, after using Comic Zeal, is not as intuitive (at least on a Kindle)as I feel it should/could be.

So, toss out your preconceptions and give them a try. Any questions, I am no expert but I'll answer what I can and find an answer for anything else.

Added: Since writing this, and setting it aside for proofing, I have since finished the Fables series and Neil Gaiman's Sandman and highly recommend both. Fables is still on going with monthly editions and Sandaman, although a finished and complete series has some new editions coming in a series called Sandman Overture which actually occurs prior to the start of the original series and is supposed to explain some unanswered questions from the original series.
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