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Still reeling from the bullying of the bus monitor video and the apathetic response of a young (barely legal) man in our office. He basically shrugged and said it was no big deal. He said "That stuff goes on all the time and it's only a big deal because the press got ahold of it".

No! F'N NO!! It's WRONG when anybody does that to anyone else whether the press get ahold of it or not!!!! It is a big deal!!!!

He said it happened all the time when he was in school and when I asked him what he did about it he said nothing. Basically because it happened all the time and was no big deal! When I asked him if he thought it was wrong he just shrugged. How can you be so apathetic to another person's pain?

I was bullied when I was a kid and I know that a certain amount of that will always go on. I was fortunate that I had great parents that taught me not only how to deal with it but to stand up for others who were being bullied. I realize that not all parents are wise in that way but I don't think teaching your kids decency and respect for their fellow human is anything extraordinary.

I also know I am of a different generation and a bit old fashioned but I don't feel I am an exception to a rule. This goes straight to matter of human decency and I find it completely mind boggling that parents are not teaching their kids this kind of stuff.

Which brings me to the question of where are the parents of these kids? Not a peep from them in the press. If I'd have done that my parents would have been all over this. They would have made a very public statement and made sure I made not only a private apology, but a public one as well, and I probably would have been working for that woman for free into adulthood!

And then there is the child behaviorist who said that public embarrassment and punishment would be counterproductive. WHAT! It's that kind of bull-thinking that raises kids that would do this kind of thing! Then what does she suggest?!?!? Here , go sit in your comfortable air conditioned room with your cell phone, iPad, computer, TV, mini fridge, iPod, etc. etc, and think about what you've done. And the scary thing is, the kid would probably feel that this was an overreaction and that it is truly a punishment!

I'm not sorry to say that some kids need a good spanking on a regular basis. Spanking mind you, not beating, there is a difference and we have lost sight of that.

And how do you discipline a child when they fear nothing. You touch me and I'll call child service on you. Send me to my room, I'll tell them you lock me up and don't let me eat or use the bathroom. We have protected them to the point of creating monsters and I am not sure there is a way back, we may have reach a point of no return.

The world really is coming to an end. Or at least it should be when kids are treating people in that manner and see nothing at all wrong with that. It's appalling enough when adults do it but when our children see nothing wrong with it the end is nigh!

So much more I could say but I'll step off my soap box for now.
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