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As with many folks I have made New Years Resolutions and one of them is to get in here and post more often. I also made a resolution to not give up on resolutions just because I haven't accomplished them from day one of the new year. So here we go...

And unfortunately I start with a rant.

Yesterday there was a horrifying crash on a local highway. It seems a semi-truck jackknifed on a bridge. It jackknifed in such a way that the trailer swung around and basically scraped the cab right off it's platform and over the side of the bridge. Cab, complete with what I am sure was a fully conscious driver fell 200ft to the ground below, just missing the river (not sure if water would have been an advantage). As you would expect the driver was killed.

There were no other injuries and seemingly no other vehicles involved, in the sense that no other vehicles were damaged. It is rumored that a car cut the truck off and that is what initiated the accident but nothing further has been reported as to what started it. Now I cannot imagine what that driver went through and as much as I can't see how he might have been unconscious I do hope he was not awake for the ride down.

So now the rant...

The accident happened late morning, around 9am. Do you know what the 6 o'clock news reported? Their big scoop? That the driver had a history of driving violation and driving while impaired. Seriously?!?!?

I'm sorry, but I am appalled. If the guy lived, or others had been injured that might be relevant. But this guy is dead and in a very horrible fashion. And, obviously (if you know the highway you know that at that time of the morning it is busy) he did one hell of a job avoiding other cars on the road and thus avoiding killing or injuring others. I'm not saying the guy was a saint or a hero but I can't wrap my mind around what could possibly be the relevance of this at this point and time.

And to think what his family is going through and to have to hear this on the news about their husband/father/son/friend.

What's even worse is I can see people's horror change to an attitude of 'Oh well in that case the bastard got what he deserved'. It was getting discussed at work today and no one actually came out and said that but most had lost their sense of horror and sympathy.

Wow, I mean WOW! Seriously? If I said that 30% of the men who died in the twin towers on 911 were cheating on their spouse would that make you any less sympathetic or make what happened any less horrific? And maybe that is a poor example but I don't see how what a person did during their life reduces the horror in the manner of their death in cases where the death is a horrific one.

If a drunk driver gets killed in an accident, I don't find that any less sad than when anyone else dies in an accident. I may be thankful that no one else was hurt or killed and I may feel that yes, they did bring it on themselves, but I still feel sorry for the fact that a person has died in an horrible way and that their loved ones are now missing someone they held dear.

**end of rant**


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