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Some entries may be offensive and show a glaringly ignorant point of view. But, I ask that you hold your indignation and read on before storming off in a huff or writing a scathing comment. If, after you have read this disclaimer and the entry and still feel the need to make a scathing comment then please scath away, it is your right, and may be helpful in changing my ignorance and opinion.

As the title of this journal indicates many of the entries contained in this journal are the wanderings of a small mind. For the most part they are thoughts that pop into my head but refuse to leave until I work my way through them. Some are subjects I have pondered over time and have either not come to a conclusion, have not come to a satisfactory conclusion, or wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t see it my way. I decided to use this journal, in part, for this because I believe in trying to examine things from as many angles as possible. I also realize that I do not know everything and that pool of knowledge grows smaller every day so I crave the input of others to help stimulate new thought and to educate me on the wide world.

Also, please be aware that I do like to play the devil’s advocate at times. I don’t do this to irritate, merely to get a clearer picture of other’s thought process and possibly bring out ideas I had not thought of.

Now go, read, think, comment!
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