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After an extended test period I am finally writing my review of the Dell Mini 9. I hope to have that up sometime next week and will once again reveal my ignorance. But hopefully it will be helpful to others who are as simple as I am.

I also recently bought a Kindle 2. I have not started a review of that but may put down my thoughts on that as well.

Next, after losing my job last fall and having to figure out how the job market works these days (I haven't been unemployed in the entire 27 years I've been working) and being pushed into joining Twitter I got to thinking about the whole social networking thing. In the end I've come up with several more ideas for for other articles. If nothing else, I hope it sparks some laughs and maybe some thought. I am hoping these will follow in a short period of time as well.

I am also working on several fics and hope to get those finished and off to beta before the end of the month but no promises as writers block is often my companion. But, as I work on actually finishing another fic I thought I'd bring a few of my older finished works over here just to have them all in one place.

Thanks for stopping by.


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