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Wow, two days in a row! Probably the last time this will happen but when you get this kind of weight rolling downhill gravity just takes over!

So now I'm contemplating the structure of my little world here and how it related to the larger hive of LJ and the still bigger ecosystem that is the World Wide Web. Although spiders aren't generally social creatures are they. More of a solitary, HA, look what I can catch on my own, type of creature. It's really more like ants or bees, but I guess the World Wide Hive just didn't have the same ring to it. We won't even contemplate the negative connotations of hives right now.

Ants and bees, where was the evolutionary break there? Very similar structures to their societies. Both swarm. Both use venom as a defense mechanism. Both hate rain or at least find it unpleasant and get grumpy in rainy weather (Hmmm maybe I have some genetic similarities with them?). Some ants fly and some bees live underground. Yet they are two distinctly different creatures. I bet I could get money from the government to study this!

Back on message here, so it seems the user interface is pretty much just that, an interface to allow you to put text/pictures/etc on your little web page, which then gets published to your LJ page when you hit "Update journal". This then is seen by other users who either happen along or come here intentionally (Thanks guys but do you know that might make others point and laugh at you behind your back?! LOL!)

Now I can't say that I've ever done a search and come up with any LJ site. My exposure here has been more from word of mouth so my next question is; Do LJ journals (sites) show up in web searches? Am I just not seeing them because they're further down on the list than I care to dig or what? Or is it just that most of the stuff here has no particular, rock solid, subject that would put it in a particular category for a web search?

Which subsequently would mean it's way down on the results list if at all thus I don't see it, therefore answering my previous question. Thanks. Glad I could help. Are you always in my head? Yes, most of the time. Well, keep it down in there on Sunday morning. All that racket is very annoying to the people who sit next to me in church.

I guess what I mean to ask is, is there a master list somewhere here that categorizes us all? If not, why not? and if so how do they do that? But most importantly, where is it?! Yes, I really am that unaware of all things LJ!

Okay, enough for today, I have to actually get some work done at work today. Plus I need to play with the other websites this weekend and get the new fics up over at dr-house.com's fan fiction page! Lots of new stuff going up if you all are interested in that. Should be there by Monday morning at the latest so check back often over the weekend and please, please, please leave our authors feedback!
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