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Apr. 13th, 2006 07:50 am
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I'm still here somewhere! RL is a crazy thing you know?! And being the closet perfectionist that I am, I need to research every minute detail before I actually move forward with anything ( I've been planning on building a house now for three years!). After all, if my name is going to be on it, it has to be perfect! LOL! Wouldn't want people to think I'm uncivilized ;)!

Besides that, it goes right along with my procrastination streak. Kind of like the chicken and the egg thing, I'm not sure which came first (of my tendencies that is, the chicken was obviously first). Of course this is all in direct correlation to my "fear of failure" tendencies! If I never start it, I can't fail at it! Brilliant, I think I'll have a Guinness. What complex beings we humans are! So smart yet so dumb.

Anyhow, for those interested or looking for relief from insomnia, I started this place mainly because I wanted to joined some communities here at LJ and had no clue what to do with this, still don't really. I'm not even sure what this is other than a personal webpage/blog area. I'd appreciate a better explanation if you've got one.

Yeah, right now you're thinking "Who's this pathetic old fart?" or "Woohoo, fresh dumb meat to play with! Let's bookmark it and poke it regularly with a big pointy stick. Later we can use the sun and a magnifying glass and..."

But I have to believe, from my experiences elsewhere at LJ and across the web in general, that there are a ton of really great, helpful, kind people out there that will tolerate my beginners ignorance and kindly guide me in the ways of the web.

I am truly open to any real help or legitimate suggestions (go ahead and be goofy, just not stupid and sick).

And thanks runawayhouse for prodding me back into working on this!

Seeking a Sensei (WOW, does that sound like a line from a desperate personal ad or what?!)

Date: 2006-04-13 01:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I totally understand that perfectionist inclination, RT. I have been battling that myself for quite some time. I think it's getting better but still, I tend to go action-potential, all or nothing at all (sigh, leo hopkins!) on certain things.

for a long time I hesitated joining LJ for the same reasons you listed: didn't want to look foolish, wasn't sure what I'd fill it with, didn't know how all this craziness worked, blah blah blah. but then also for some of the same reasons, I decided to bite the bullet and join (can't resist direct DLs away from torrents!). I wanted to explore more of the fandom outside of forums (as nice as they are & thanks for providing structure to a lot of the ones I frequent!). as you say, there are indeed very many nice, helpful people out there.

as to what you fill your LJ with now, the choice is really up to you. there's some pretty awesome communities out there. whatever your personal slant, chances are there are already at least a couple of comms up covering it. and if you don't find exactly your niche, you always have the option of creating it! how fun is that?

I find LJ pretty refreshing over forum boards in a couple of ways: the userinfo pages, almost instant dissemination of pictures/info via friends lists, the wide number of people who sweep through here daily. every member's homepage has a whole list of their interests so you can check there right away and see exactly where they're coming from. no, it's no substitute for getting to know them but it's a handy quickie "cheat sheet" of sorts. using the friends list option is such a great way to keep track of who's doing what and to spread the news if you happen upon something others might not know about. the friends page gives a quick rundown of anything they might have posted without your having to ask if they have recently and vice versa for you when you friend them in return. and even though I don't know the exact number of LJ users, it's definitely a huge and vibrant place. the benefit of that is obvious but there's also a greater chance of your post (or story or artwork, whatever you decide to put into your LJ) being seen by someone who's not "just" a fan of your forum board subject.

I think I've done enough cheerleading for this place for now. and you know, you don't even have to fill your LJ with anything "important" or mind-shattering. mine is full of junk, fun things and even some personal stuff I had to work through. no one's giving any grades and no one's taking points off for non-perfect posts. ;) and another good thing that I take advantage of all the time: you can edit your journal entries! click on the little pencil at the top and change it to your heart's content.

omg, this is the longest reply post I have written here. what can I say, you bring it out of me, RT! I do hope you decide to explore LJ further. I haven't been a member that long but I really like the potential I see for it. bon voyage!

Date: 2006-04-13 01:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The nice thing about LJ is that anything constitutes a wonderfully normal journal entry -- so you're off to a good start!

Let's see, ways to make it better.


2) Pictures of food

3) Rants about that pesky neighbor who won't stop stealing your garden gnome

3) Misnumbered lists

There you go!


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